Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Exporting and importing workflows in AX2012

In this tutorial I will show how to export a Workflow of a AX2012 R3 environment and how to import it in another environment! The process has changed significantly compared with the AX2009! The process can be done in any module, in this example I will use the accounts pay! Go to the Accounts Payable module and Settings click "accounts workflows to pay."

Now select the line Workflow to export and click the "Versions" button.

On this screen, if it exists, you can select the version of the workflow to be exported, after selecting the desired version click the >> symbol and choose "Export."
Select the name and the location where the .xml extension file will be saved and click the "Save" button then click OK.

After export the .xml file copy it to the target environment and open the AX in the same module to perform the import. Note the image that does not have any workflow in this environment in BRMF company. Click the "Import" button.

On this screen you can choose to import a workflow from the AX2009 or AX2012, select the correct option, locate the file to import and if you have doubts you can select the option to create a new workflow in the event of conflicts. After filling all fields click OK.

In some cases the Workflow is imported without errors. In this case there was a mistake, we will fix it!
After importing the workflow note that there is a red X, indicating some inconsistency in the workflow. A double click on the red x.

In the Workflow edition screen again, double click the red X.

Select the most appropriate option and click Close.
Now click "Save and Close".
Make clear the editing done in the workflow and click OK.
Now choose the most appropriate for your environment option, and click OK.
Workflow imported and successfully corrected!

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