Thursday, 10 March 2016

How to debugg the RDP Class in SSRS Reports on Dynamics AX2012

Hope every one is doing good.It has been long time since I shared the things into my blog.I am little bit busy with my current project and learning new things about SSRS,AIF and MVC.

Today I would like to share a very interesting and simple concept on SSRS,i.e

Debugging the SSRS RDP Class in Dynamics AX2012.

1) Class declaration of RDP class ,we need to replace the code like extends SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess instead of SrsReportDataProviderBase 

2) Temp table properties should be
     (a) Table type :Regular 
     (b)  Created by : Yes
     (c) Created Transaction Id : Yes
Third step is not a mandatory.
3) In process report of the class add this line in Temporarytablename.setConnection(this.parmUserConnection());

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