Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Obsolete statement types AX7

The following statements are no longer supported.

Pause and Window statements

The X++ pause statement is no longer supported because the pop-up Print Window that it affected has been removed. the pause and window statement were mainly used for debugging within the MorphX development environment, which was the same as the execution environment. Since the two are now separated, with Visual Studio taking the place of the MorphX environment, these statements are no longer relevant.

Print statement

The X++ print statement is another statement that existed only for debugging purposes in Dynamics AX. It still exists, and its basic idea is unchanged. But print now outputs through System.Diagnostics.WriteLine. The product configuration determines the detail of the written information is sent.
You may find that using the Infolog is more compelling, since its output appears in the debugger and the running form.

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