Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Using clauses AX7

Previously, all references to managed artifacts that weren’t authored in X++ was done using fully qualified names, including the namespace for each type. This is still possible, but you can now provide using clauses to make the use of such artifacts less onerous. As opposed to a using statement, each using clause precedes the class in which the clause is applied.

It’s also possible to provide aliases that introduce a short name for a fully qualified name. Aliases can denote namespaces and classes as shown below.


Consider the following code:
 using System;
using IONS=System.IO; // Namespace alias
using Alist=System.Collections.ArrayList; // Class alias

public class MyClass2
public static void Main(Args a)
Int32 I; // Alternative to System.Int32
Alist al; // Using a class alias

al = new Alist();
str s;


s = IONS.Path::ChangeExtension(@"c:\tmp\test.xml", ".txt");

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