Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Change the password of the service account.

goto services.msc


Select the service for which you want to change the password. and goto properties.

you can make it as manual or automatic startup, this one is useful when your system will start.

select the log on tab  to change the password.


apply this change to all SQL services where this username is being used.

sometime there will be situation when Dynamics ax process will be on starting status for longtime and then stop for that please check following thing.

  • try to start services from command prompt with elevated permissions using the below command :
"net start AOS60$01"

  • check the event viewer for perticular error and try to solve it 
  • check the dependent services like SQL, that they are running fine.
  • there can be possibility that some of the process running on SQL side blocking the AX metadata, please stop that processes first.


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